Speaker Date Topic
Dick Whitaker Nov 10, 2020
From Gods to Gigabytes
From Gods to Gigabytes

Dick Whitaker is a former meteorologist for the Bureau of Meteorology, The Weather Channel and Sky News Weather and author of books such as The Complete Book of Australian Weather, Understanding Climate Change and Australia’s Natural Disasters.

Julian Mather Nov 17, 2020
A Man of Many Talents
A Man of Many Talents

In his career to date, Julian has had some varied jobs including a magician, an army sniper and a TV cameraman.

He will talk to us about some of the highlights of each vocation.

Glen Holland Nov 24, 2020
Werribee Open Range Zoo
Werribee Open Range Zoo

This will be Part 2 of Glen's presentation on the Werribee Zoo. Previously he spoke on the exciting new enhancements that will occur over the next few years which will result in new and improved facilities for the public and the animals.

In his second presentation, he will talk about the wonderful conservation program that is planned for the zoo. 

The effects of climate change and habitat destruction are deeply felt in our natural world and Zoos Victoria works locally and globally to make wildlife conservation possible.

Their goal is to be the world's leading zoo-based conservation organisation.

They are involved in conservation programs in six countries, eight grass-roots community conservation campaigns, and more than 50 research projects.

They inspire communities to commit to the conservation of wildlife and wild places by connecting people and wildlife.

Their Wildlife Conservation Master Plan 2019-2024 is dedicated to the recovery of 27 threatened native species, outlining the work and projects they will undertake to save these species from extinction and excite our communities to fight for a future rich in wildlife.