Speaker Date Topic
Steven Bernaudo Jun 09, 2020
Force, Fires and Faith
Force, Fires and Faith

Steven is a high-readiness reservist soldier in the Air Force. Previously he was full-time which included a short stint in the Middle East. His rank is an LAC, which means a leading aircraftsman. Rather than aggressively taking land and holding it, as is the doctrine of the army, his role is to protect the air force, the people and the planes.

In the Middle East, the mission's aim was to disrupt IS. It was effectively a civil war based on culture and religion achieved through intimidation. Every day, IS would go into a town, kill, steal, torture, rape and conscript child soldiers. This awakened a deep desire in Steven to assist these innocent people in any way he could.

Recently, he was also called up to assist in the East Gippsland bushfires.He and his colleagues provided security for the planes that were going down to Mallacoota to rescue people.They were also cassist in a variety of other support roles.

Steven is studying a Bachelor of Theology and is aiming to become a deacon in the Uniting Church. So he combines his Christian faith and his defence force role to assist others in disaster areas.

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Darrell Robinson Jun 16, 2020
The Beauty of the Bee

Darrell is a former member and Past President of the club who has discovered the beauty of the bee. He has his own hives in his backyard which produces some fine honey.

He will talk about the role of a bee keeper and the major threats facing bees around the world.

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