Our Royce and Jean Abbey Scholarship awardee, Chris Ochaya, has started to put his new-found agricultural knowledge into practice since he returned to his home town of Gulu in Uganda. He has been enthusiastically establishing a model farm to train his community on best farming practices which will help them feed their families. In addition, plans are underway to build a pumping station to draw bore water for the farm.
Here is an update on each project.

Project No 1 - Establishing a Model Farm

While Chris was in Werribee South, he was taught how to grow vegetables on the farm and how to grow seedlings in a nursery. The vegetable farmers gave Chris thousands of seeds to take home. He has sown the seeds in his nursery and they are now starting to shoot. The photo shows his assistant tending to the seedlings.
Click here to see more photos of work on the farm.

Project 2 - Building a Pump House

Materials are now being delivered on site to begin construction of the building that will house the pump for the bore. The water will be used for the community as well as for the farm and the chickens that they plan on having in the new shed.