This is the Watton Street butcher shop in 1933. Which one is Tino?
President’s Message
Thwarted by the Internet from Northern Uganda!
This week we missed out on linking up with our Honorary member, Chris Ochaya, as an internet link with him in Gulu could not be established.
Chris had planned to give us a ZOOM talk about all that he has been working on in Gulu over the past year.
This was a great disappointment and we are hoping that his talk be rescheduled soon.
Next time, if the ZOOM internet link again fails, it should be possible to set up an audio phone link with Chris, as a backup for him to give his talk.
Our Weekly Raffle is about to hit the Jackpot!
We are down to the last few cards to be drawn, which means there will be a raffle winner in the next 2 weeks.  The jackpot has already reached $260 and the lucky winner will receive more.
To have a chance you must be at the meeting to receive a raffle ticket. With only a few cards remaining, the odds of winning have become VERY HIGH!
Make sure you come along next week. REMEMBER - You have to be in it to win it!
Ian Hovey and the Golf Day Team are hitting the heights
Ian was delighted to report that a record number of 132 players have now entered the Werribee Rotary Charity Golf Day competition to be held on Friday.
Ian has been the powerhouse in organizing this year’s competition, receiving great support from everyone in the team.
The enthusiasm and financial support coming in from participating golfers and companies have exceeded everyone’s expectations.
This year’s Golf Day is to raise funds for Very Special Kids.
On April 27th our Guest Speaker will be Michael Wasley, the CEO of Very Special Kids. The Club will be presenting Michael with a cheque for the proceeds from the Golf Day.
The RYPEN Camp is on this weekend
There are four students from our Interact Club at Wyndham Central College attending the Rotary Youth Program of Enhancement Camp, being held at Lancefield this weekend.
Congratulations to Graham Roper and Kim Deneys to all your great work in helping establish and promote our Interact Club at the School. 
The enthusiasm being shown by the Interact Club students is a credit to you both.
From last week’s Board Meeting
Rotary Centenary Project The Board approved the Tree Planting Day for Sat 17th   to be held in conjunction with the Werribee River Association. The Board approved a donation of $1,500 to the Werribee River Association.
Allocation of Bingo funds The Board agreed that $5,000 should always be retained in the Bingo account. Each quarter the Board may decide to transfer surplus money from the Bingo account to Members A/C (5%) and Charity A/C (30%). The remaining 65% of surplus Bingo money to remain in the Bingo A/C to be used to fund Community projects and any other suitable projects as decided by the Board.
RoCan donation The Board agreed to donate $2,000 to RoCan, with the cheque to be presented at the Yvonne Moon Memorial Concert on April 11th.
Enjoy the week ahead
It was a shame that we couldn't make contact with Chris & Sarah Ochaya, to update us on the Tamarind project. We were also going to hear from an 18 year old called Man, who Chris "has adopted", and is training him in farm life.
We were able to speak with Chris & Sarah by mobile phone, but despite the efforts of the "tecko's" we were unable to establish a Zoom connection.
Earlier in the day Sarah sent Pres Michael a dozen photos, and Pres Michael was able to show these and explain each photo.
NEXT WEEK - Tuesday 30th March
Shian Lee - Talking about empowering others to change their mindset.
The raffle didnt go off. There are 6 cards to go and the prize is about $270.00
Only 3 more sleeps until the golf day?
Thanks to the wonderful work of Chairman of the Golf Day Committee Ian Hovey, our Golf Day is exceeding all of our expectations.
  • Our revenue will be about $30,000
  • We have a full field of players - 128
  • We will have about 140 at the lunch
Bentons Plumbing are providing a handout bag for each of the players.
Werribee Mansion Fun Run - Sunday May 2nd
We will be involved with the Werribee Mansion Fun Run. The club will receive $75 for each volunteer and the combined funds will go to The Rotary Foundation. Jeff Garfield will organise the roster.
Guest Speakers
Everyone knows someone with an interesting story to tell. Please pass their details on to Ian Hovey so we can follow them up to speak to us in person or on Zoom at a later date.
Last night 22/3/2021 was a bit quiet but we had 91 players and made $1,290 profit.
Next week 29/3/2021 Tino Ballan & Roland Wade  are rostered. 
The bingo players have voted open on Easter Monday 5/4/2021. Roland Wade will find two members for the night.
Yvonne Moon OAM Memorial Concert for Rocan
Many members know of the great work of the late Yvonne Moon. Her husband Fred has organised a 5 hour music concert fundraiser, to raise funds for Rocan.
A lot of Werribee members knew Yvonne, and it would be great if we could organise a table of 10.
Sunday 11/4 3.33 to 8.00pm, at Yarraville Club.
$30 entry - finger food and drinks at bar prices.
Speak to President Michael if you want to join the Werribee table.
Four students from Wyndham Central College will be attending the Rypen Camp on the weekend of 26-28 March. Kim Deneys & Roland Wade will be transporting the students to the camp.
Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club will be recommencing in term 2.
Liz Ross is currently putting a roster together for Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. We desperately need another 2-3 to go on the roster. If there are any Members, or Friends of Rotary who can help for about 2 hours 3 or 4 times a term, can you call Liz 9741-4212 or email her
Tip of the Week for Werribee Rotary Wine Snobs
You can make a $5.00 bottle of wine taste like a $30.00 bottle, by putting the wine in a blender for 30 seconds. Thus softens the tannins and quickly aerates the wine.


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Monday 29th March 2021
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Mar 30, 2021
Empowering Others to Change Their Mindset for the Better
Empowering Others to Change Their Mindset for the Better

Shian is a Mindset and Relationship Coach and Mentor.

He is an experienced speaker and he delivers a heartfel, honest and warm presentation. His aim is to help people be happier by improving their relationship with self and others.

He also speaks about his life journey, his family and personal experiences around racism.

Apr 06, 2021
No Interest Loans for Low Income Families
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