Speaker Date Topic
Linden Smith Jun 18, 2019
Youth Referral and Independent Persons Program
Youth Referral and Independent Persons Program

Linden is a volunteer who attend police interviews with a young person at a police station, when a parent or guardian is not available. The role provides an important opportunity to support young people at a critical time and to help divert those at risk of future offending. The Youth Referral and Independent Persons Program (YRIPP) rosters trained IPs to most police stations throughout Victoria 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Club Visioning Jun 25, 2019

The club will be having a vissioning session to update the Club Vissioning Document produced 3 years ago.

Peter Cullen Jul 16, 2019
Manor Court Visit Jul 23, 2019

The club will be holding their meeting at Manor Court Aged Care, to present the donation of $20,000.

Members will be able to view the renevated Memory Support Unit, and see the furnoture purchased with the $20,000 donation.

Guest speaker on the night is to be advised.

Cathy Booth Jul 30, 2019
Umoja Orphanage Kenya
Umoja Orphanage Kenya

Cathy is founder and director of Umoja Orphanage Kenya which provides food, shelter, love, care, respect, education, and support for vulnerable and orphaned children in Kenya.

The orphanage not only supports the children, it also provides employment for locals as well as education and training on farming and food production. By empowering the local community, it can give disadvantaged locals the opportunity to learn life-saving skills that will enable them to support their families in the future.

Councillor Mia Shaw - Mayor City Wyndham Sep 10, 2019