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Presidents Message

Lockdown 5.0 has driven us back to holding our meetings on Zoom but, hopefully the lockdown will finish on Tuesday 27th July at 11.59pm.

A big thankyou to Ian Hovey for again organizing our Zoom Meeting. His help is very much appreciated.

Andi Barnfield was again a welcome visitor to our meeting as was Barbara Purdy and Micki Hovey.

We had the pleasure of having Lindsey Leigh Hobson as our guest speaker and she spoke about “How to Attract Younger Members to Our Rotary Club”. Her talk was very informative.

Unfortunately our scheduled Ten Pin Bowling which was scheduled for this Sunday has been cancelled due to the lockdown.

It has been re scheduled for Sunday 22nd August.

Our Charter Anniversary celebration will now be held on Tuesday at the ISCW as we are not allowed to have large gatherings at private homes.

Ian Hovey introduced an on line SAA Fine Session and the resident SAA Phil Purdy was in his element fining several members several times including myself. I have a list of the fines and they will be announced when we resume our meetings at the ISCW. A total of 23 fines were handed out.

Just a reminder that our Club Subs are due and if members wish they can pay them in 2 instalments.

I will close this message with a thought for the week: Each new day has a different shape to it. You just roll with it.

Next weeks meeting will also be held on Zoom and I look forward to seeing you all then.

Have a good week and stay safe.


THIS WEEK AT ROTARY - 20.07.2021
Here we are back on Zoom again, just as I predicted in last weeks bulletin.
Chairman Dan is so easy to predict, or maybe just call me Nostradamus.
Our guest speaker this week was Lindsey Leigh Hobson, who runs the Stick It! Revolution.
Lindsey Leigh told us of her personal battle at an early age with anxiety, and fear of the future. She had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve in life, but self doubt and anxiety held her back. After working relentlessly to conquer her anxiety and put aside her fears, she began a mission to assist & empower others to do the same.
Lindsey Leigh spoke particularly about the following age groups, and how Rotary should engage with them.
  • Generation Y or the Millennials - Born between 1980 & 1994
  • Generation Z or the Zoomers - Born 1995 & 2009 
  1. Start Small - Introduce people and get them involved in a small way. Information overkill will just scare them away.
  2. Focus on the Big Picture - They need to know the goals and aspirations of the organisation. Sell the big picture & life experiences.
  3. Show them where they belong - Sell the projects.
Young Gen Y & Z don't get their information from traditional sources, and don't trust a lot of information they are provided with.
Tuesday 27th July 2021 back on Zoom
Our guest speaker next week is Tony Thomas. Tony is a member of the Rotary Club of Central Melbourne Sunrise, and has been a journalist for many years.
Tony is going to speak on the topic Global Warming - A Sceptics View.
Tony has written many thought provoking articles, challenging a lot of the current climate change research, and climate change publications.
You would think we would be pretty good at lockdown, as we have now passed 6 months being locked down?
A bit of humor might help.
  • It's been a blessing to be locked down with the wife again. We've caught up with everything I've done wrong in the last 20 years.
  • If you believe all this will end and we will get back to normal once we reopen everything.....Raise your hand. Now slap your face with it.
  • Another Saturday night locked down. I just realised even the rubbish goes out more than me.
  • Remember when you were little and all your underwear had the days of the week on them. They would be pretty helpful right now.
  • The spread of Covid is based on two factors 1. How dense the population is, and 2. How dense the population is.
  • I am so excited to take the rubbish bins out, I wonder what to wear.
  • Remember all those times you wished the weekend would last forever. Well, wish granted. Are you happy now?
  • Did a BIG load of washing pajamas so I would have enough clean work clothes for this week.
Footy Tipping - Round 18
The Eggman is still bowling along beautifully, with a lead of 3. Even though he had his lead cut by 1 this week, it's hard to see the field catching him. I think he has another 'perfect round' in him before the season ends, and the extra bonus point should get him home.
Our fourth place getter is now three behind third, so it looks all over.
After 18 rounds
  • Brian Ahmed 109
  • Graham Roper 106
  • Ross Conley 104
For round 18, The Pres got 8, with Brian Ahmed, Tony Todaro & Ann Smith getting 7.
The $10 for nearest the margin on Friday, went to Brian Ahmed.
Thanks to Dianne, who knitted a heap of blankets, which will be donated to a suitable charity. 
Bunnings BBQ 
Thank you to everyone who assisted on the day.
It was quiet all day, which was disappointing considering the weather was pretty. We made $300 profit, but this was around half of previous mid-week BBQ's we have done at Bunning's.
We have been told that the opening of Bunning's Tarneit, has has an impact on all Hoppers Crossing BBQ's. We have two more allocated on Thursday 12 Aug & Thursday 16 Sept. We will do these two BBQ's and then decide if we ask for more.
Guest Speakers
Everyone knows someone with an interesting story to tell. Please pass their details on to Brian Ahmed so we can follow them up to speak to us in person or on Zoom at a later date.
Is closed due to lockdown. 
Roster for bingo (be there by 6.30):
  • 02.08.2021 - Enzo Maddalon & Graham Roper
  • 09.08.2021 - Brian Ahmed & Wendy Roper
  • 16.08.2021 - Jess Saher & Peter Sandlant
  • 23.08.2021 - Michael Reddinng & Lorry Rowe
Breakfast Club
Nothing this week, as schools are shut
WERN may have to move to another warehouse on the same site in early August, as we have issues with our lease. We will find our in the next few days, and may have to organise a working bee in early August. More information next week.
Tip of the week
Do mosquitoes bite you, and you itch for hours? As soon as you feel the itch, rub a glue stick on it, and the itch will be gone in 10 minutes, and won't come back.


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Jul 27, 2021
Global Warming - A Sceptics View
Global Warming - A Sceptics View

Tony Thomas is a Rotarian from Central Melbourne Rotary Club and a life time journalist. He has published many articles on the Climate Change issue. He has a record of writing articles challenging the validity of various publications reporting on climate change. 

Aug 03, 2021
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Aug 10, 2021
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Aug 17, 2021
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