For the past 4 years, Werribee Rotary has been grateful for the dedication and commitment of various members of our club and community for knitting baby beanies and blankets that are donated to the Werribee Mercy Hospital maternity ward. To date, we have delivered approximately 5,000 items to our local hospital. Werribee is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia with hundreds of young families moving into the area each year.

Pictured above is one of the many patrons at our Monday Night Bingo who lovingly knit the warm woolly items for the new-born babies. The quality of their work is outstanding.

If you are willing to apply your own knitting skills, we would be happy for you to join in the fun. Click here to download the knitting instructions.

If you live in the Werribee area, we would be happy to collect your completed beanies or blankets. If you live outside Werribee, please send an email to to determine the best method of delivery.