Rotarians and family members of our club joined forces with the Friends of Werribee River Park recently to support the Werribee River Association's on-going strategy to plant trees and other native plants along the banks of the river. In this exercise, the trees were planted adjacent to the Werribee Park Mansion grounds in Werribee South.

The main aims of the Werribee River Association are to:

  • Protect water quality in the river and in other waterways flowing into Port Phillip Bay

  • Re-establish natural habitats for wildlife

  • Provide attractive natural places for people to access and enjoy

  • Provide educational programs about environmentally sustainable practices to a growing and diverse population in the community

The working group eagerly embraced the challenge to plant hundreds of small saplings and other plants. Tasks included taking the plant out of its sleeve, placing it in a pre-drilled hole, packing it with soil and applying water. To finish it off, each plant was encased with a plastic sheet to protect it from animals and strong winds.

It was an enjoyable environmental experience.

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