At the club's meeting on 3rd July, we bid a sad farewell to our exchange student Andrea Fredskild.

Andrea arrived in Australia 12 months ago as a shy and wide-eyed girl and is now returning to her home in Denmark as a confident young lady. She was a student at Westbourne Grammar where she developed long-lasting friendships with her fellow students. She thanked everyone for their support of her, particularly her Rotary hosts. With their love and caring, she always felt at home and was very grateful to those who took her on trips to many parts of Victoria and Australia. One of her greatest highlights was the trip to Central Australia with her fellow exchange students.

Andrea said that, while she is excited to be returning home to see her family and friends, it is sad to leave. The whole exchange program has been an amazing experience to her. She has great memories of our country which will remain with her for a long time and promised that she would return one day.  She thanked our club for being so supportive.

On behalf of the club, President Graham thanked Andrea for being a part of our club for the past 12 months and wished her every happiness and success in the future.

Click here to see some photos of Andrea during her time in Australia.