You may be aware that Lorry Rowe has had an affinity with the Philippines for many years. In particular, she has been travelling to, and supporting, the Bahay Ni San Jose orphanage which mainly supports children affected with disabilities or have had a history of neglect or abuse. Lorry refers to it as a home for God’s special children. She has visited the orphanage on many occasions including late last year when she donated her own time and money to do some improvements at the facility.

Several years ago, the orphanage was sadly lacking in playground equipment. At any given time, there is a high percentage of children in the orphanage who are afflicted with cerebral palsy and other disabilities such as blindness. This led to the construction of a disability swing (pictured above) which our club donated $2,000 towards. 

Due to their popularity, there are now three swings and a double slide and they are heavily used and very much appreciated by the children and their carers. However, some of them are now rusting and in need of repair.

Lorry says that the orphanage is always a hive of happy activity during after-school free time. She says there is always a ongoing need for new basket balls and tennis racquets and even board games for wet days.

Click here to see some images of the orphanage and the children.