From Outside the Closet
Nov 16, 2021
Anne Considine
From Outside the Closet

Anne is a Spiritual Counsellor and runs a business called Purple Haven. She felt there was a need to create a safe place for people to feel comfortable enough to talk about their problems, with the view to making positive changes in their life. She says, "As a Spiritual Counsellor, I don’t tread the same path as conventional counsellors. In my toolbox, I have a few different modalities that I call upon, but at the end of the day, I can only assist those who want to help themselves".

Anne has also written a book called From Outside the Closet. 

Through the lens of an outsider, the gay world can seem like a kaleidoscope of colour, fun and frivolity, but underneath lurk shame, heartache and sadness. The stories in this book are of men who have faced their fears and come out of the closet to live full and happy lives. Some crept out, some came out running! The stories range from the time when it was illegal to be homosexual, during the AIDS epidemic, through to celebrating marriage equality and increased acceptance in society.