Kite at Werribee Wetlands

Presidents Message

At this weeks meeting we had the pleasure of hearing an impressive talk from Danyel Cucinotto who just happens to be the youngest Vice President in the history of the Victorian Farmers Federation. The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has been the voice of Victorian farmers and rural communities since 1979helping to create a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible agricultural industry connecting with all Victorians. Club members were able to take a virtual tour of Brian Ahmed’s business during the night.

We welcomed several members of the Ahmed and Cucinotto families to our meeting. We also welcomed Andi Barnfield and Fidele Musiri to our meeting.

We will be having a fun filled afternoon of Ten Pin Bowling on Sunday 25th July at Wyn City, 36 Wallace Avenue, Point Cook from 2pm to 4pm.

At Monday nights Board Meeting the Club Subscriptions were set at $300. Payments can be made in a lump sum, or half now, and the balance on 1/1/2022.

Monday nights Bingo again recorded a record profit of $2,623.67. Brian Ahmed said he was glad the Covid restrictions were eased as another week of restrictions meant we would have had to ask for protection money at the door. Thankyou to Kathryn Williams and Mary Macaulay for helping on the night.

The breakfast club resumed on Tuesday and the Bunnings BBQ’S resume on Thursday.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday.


THIS WEEK AT ROTARY - 13.07.2021
This weeks speaker was Danyel Cucinotto, duughter of Brian & Nuge Ahmed. Danyel & her sister Renae have worked in the family business for some time. 
After taking time off for the birth of her first child, and being locked in her home due to Covid, Danyel considered an invitation to apply for the vacant role of Vice President of the Victorian Farmers Federation.
A large part of Danyel's role at VFF, is looking after the education programs of the VFF. The VFF website includes a lot of education information for farmers, to assist best practice and regulatory compliance. Danyel is also passionate about education of children in all aspects of farming. Over 2,500 children have completed the VFF education program.
The VFF has undergone a change of culture of recent times. The major roles of President, Vice President & CEO are all held by women. This has created some significant opportunities for the VFF, as young women have been able to 'open a lot of doors' to get the message to politicians & stakeholders.
Tuesday 20th July 2021 at ISCW
With the rapid rise in Covid cases in Victoria, the question we are all asking is:
  • Is the Dictator going to 'shut us down again'?
  • Will next week be at ISCW or back on Zoom?
Our speaker will be Lindsey Leigh Hobson.
Lindsey Leigh founded the STICK IT! Revolution, where she inspires young adults around the world to break the mould, skip the mid-life crisis and choose a career in alignment with who they really are.
Footy Tipping - Round 17
Well if I was the Sportsbet bookie, I would start to think about 'paying out the winner' early. The 'Egg Man" has given everyone the slip, and now has a lead of 4. With only 4 or 5 weeks to go, he needs to put in a 'couple of shockers' for any of the chasing pack to catch him.
After 17 rounds
  • Brian Ahmed 104
  • Ross Conley & Graham Roper 98
Hubs are not good for footy tipping, and getting 4 out of 9 is considered good tipping. This week Brian Ahmed, the President, Ann Smith, Sunliner & Tino managed 4, and the rest were dismal.
The $20 jackpot went to Graham Roper.
Bunnings BBQ 
Thank you to everyone who volunteered. We even have a couple of emergencies. Lets hope for a good day and lots of hungry tradies.
Guest Speakers
Everyone knows someone with an interesting story to tell. Please pass their details on to Brian Ahmed so we can follow them up to speak to us in person or on Zoom at a later date.
Dates for the Diary
- 10 pin bowling on Sunday 25 July
- Charter anniversary at Tino & Robyn Ballan's on Sunday 15 August. (Looking doubtful as the 15 per household needs to be lifted substantially by the Dictator)
Last week 5/7 we made $1,200.
Last night 12/7, we broke all records with 121 players and a profit of $2,600.
Roster for bingo (be there by 6.30):
  • 19.07.2021 - Enzo Maddalon & Graham Roper
  • 26.07.2021 - Brian Ahmed & Wendy Roper
  • 02.08.2021 - Jess Saher & Peter Sandlant
  • 09.08.2021 - Michael Reddinng & Lorry Rowe
Breakfast Club
Be there at 8.00am
Tues 20/7/2021 - Ann Smith & Therese Gatto
Wed 21/7/2021 - Nils & Trish Vejby
Thurs 22/7/2021 - Adelina Maddalon & Julia Fehby
Get Well Soon.
Colin Muir had a knee replacement at Epworth on Tuesday 13th. Good luck for a speedy recovery Colin.
Tip of the week
Have you got a yellow bruise that's taking its time to disappear? Soak a cotton ball in vinegar, and put it on the bruise to make it go away. (If it doesn't work, put the remaining vinegar on your fish & chips.


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Jul 20, 2021
Elevating Emerging Leaders
Elevating Emerging Leaders

Lindsey Leigh Hobson is an award-winning speaker who works with organisations and their emerging leaders to enhance performance, create strong relationships and fast-track pathways to leadership. She does this by drawing on her experience coaching Millennials and Gen-Zs, qualifications in Life Coaching and Business, as well as her time spent managing teams large and small.

Lindsey Leigh's personal battle with anxiety saw her questioning what it really means to be alive at a young age. But believing knowledge is power, she didn't give up on her romantic notion that everyone deserves to achieve all their dreams - anxiety or not.

Relentlessly Lindsey Leigh worked until she conquered her anxiety, put aside her fears, took the power back in her own mind and designed a life she truly loves.

This began her mission to empower others to do the same.

Simultaneously to her personal journey, Lindsey Leigh managed teams large and small in her professional life. And while she did, she rode the wave that comes with managing other people of different goals, communication styles, and ideas of how things should be done.

She always found herself gravitating towards the mentorship of upcoming individuals who have the ambition and tenacity to step up into a leadership role, and who want to fast-track the process.

So Lindsey Leigh founded the STICK IT! Revolution, where she inspires young adults around the world to break the mould, skip the mid-life crisis and choose a career in alignment with who they really are.

Jul 27, 2021
Working in the Hospitality Industry
Aug 03, 2021
Encompass Community Services
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