Werribee River
President Kim welcomed visitors and guests to the meeting. 
  • Another great night at Bingo last night.  127 players and a profit of $2,600.                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Bunnings BBQ on Thursday 12 October. Another Thursday with poor weather. Business was steady until just before 3.00pm, when gale force winds kicked in. It was "all hands on the tent poles" to stop it ending in the carpark. Bunnings assisted very quickly with staff, and the decision was made to "close shop" as it was too dangerous. Thanks to the volunteers who assisted on the day. We made a profit of $700.                                                                     
  • We have been allocated two Saturday BBQ's on 26 Nov, and 23 Dec. These will be "big" so we will need about 12 people each day, to start at about 9.00 and finish at about 4.30pm - 5.00pm. Put the dates in your diary now.                                                                                                    
  • Phil Purdy has been caravanning for a week in western NSW. He had a competition with a chainsaw, and came off second best. The micro surgery went well, and Phil has 2 weeks to wait till the medico's decide how good the repair job was. Stick to cooking the BBQ Phil - its much safer.                                                                                                                                                                                                
Guest Speaker - Fiona Demark
Our guest speaker was Fiona Demark, who is a Resilience Coach.
Fiona and her sister were born with a genetic condition, that resulted in reduced vision. The early diagnosis was that the condition was no treatable, and would continue to deteriorate, eventually leading to total blindness. Fiona currently has around 10% vision.
Fiona's late father was her inspiration, and encouraged her to "Achieve your dreams", and to use her life experiences in life to help others. Fiona is widely sought after to speak to groups and has a large number of one on one clients. Many of her clients have a disability, and Fiona supports them to achieve the maximum of their life.
During the talk Lyn Fava & Jess Saher were invited to wear an eye mask during the whole presentation, to get an appreciation & understanding  the other senses that occur for a blind person. Both Lyn & Jess became aware of sounds that they had never heard of before.
Lyn was so focused on sounds from in the next room and out in Watton Street, that she didn't realise Roland Wade had his hand on her knee??



Tuesday 24 October
District Governor Visit.
We will be joined by District Governor Ron Payne and his wife Debbie.
This will be one of the first traditional DG Visits we have had for 3-4 years.
This is a partners night, so put the date in your calendar so we have a good attendance for the DG.
Wed 25/10 - Mens Health Forum at Werribee FC


Breakfast Club Roster
Tues 24/10 - Terry Argent & Theresa Gatto
Wed 25/10 -  Ross & Ann Smith
Thurs 26/10 - Kim & Glenyce Deneys
Tues 31/10 - Terry Argent & Theresa Gatto
Wed 25/10 - Ross Smith & Graham Roper
Thurs 26/10 - Kim & Glenyse Deneys
Mon 23/10 - Ian H & Peter S
Mon 30/10 - Kim & Michael
District Conference 2024
The next District 9800 Conference will be held in Bendigo from 12-14 April 2024.
Put the dates in your diary, and hopefully Werribee will be well represented again. Pres Kim will make some enquiries for an accommodation venue, and a club dinner venue.
The District 9800 website has just posted the prices, and early bird discounts.
Rotary Regionalisation Project Update
Alphabet Racing

Mad Dog Muir was in A-grade form with his stable of A horses at Caulfield on Saturday. He had 4 winners and a second to earn an awesome14 points and take out the $20 weekly award. He added another 4 points at Randwick to earn a tantalising total of 18 points. This enabled him to charge past a few of the slower horses and ease into second place in the Cup.

Another star performance at Caulfield came from the galloping gelding Oh What A Knight who collected another 11 points to take him 5 lengths clear as they turn the corner at the end of the straight. His jockey is trying to restrain him but he just wants to run. When will he hit the wall?

The points at Randwick were more evenly spread with Light Fingers Fava and Mr Sandlant sharing the $20 with 7 points each. This deadly duo have had a ding-dong duel since the race began. They are now in equal 5th position and ready to strike.

But here comes another contender. Killer Conley came to the course with big ambitions. He's done nothing in the previous Cups but it was time for the sturdy stallion to shine in the sun. He gained a total of 14 points on the weekend and is now cruising along in 3rd place one length ahead of Busy Lizzie

Filthy Phil finally fired out of the blocks and is trying to make up ground in a hurry.

Sadly, the frisky filly Just Jess is just out of juice and is now bringing up the rear. Her time will come.

District 9800 Newsletter
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