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A New Honorary Member
The Board has recommended to members that Geoff Smith be made an Honorary member of Werribee Rotary Club.
In anticipation of members’ consent being given, I propose to have an Honorary Member Induction Ceremony for Geoff Smith at our meeting on Sept 15th.
I am sure that there are individual members who would like speak about the great contributions Geoff has made to the Club, since joining on Dec 30, 1999.
Please let me know if you would like to be included in giving a testimonial/roast to Geoff!
A Very Generous Contribution to the Club from Brian!
Immediate Past President Brian Ahmed spoke about the recent substantial remodeling to Wyndham Cache, which involved the removal of over 80 framed pictures (photos of old Werribee) which were displayed on the walls.
Brian would like to donate these pictures to the Club. He would like them to be sold, with the money raised to be used by the Club for the work it does – and hopefully go towards a reduction in the second installment of membership fees, due early next year.
Still to come:
Brian will be sending images of the pictures to Ian Hovey
Ian will place them on the Werribee Rotary Website
Prices for the pictures will be indicated 
Members and others can browse and choose pictures to buy
Details of payment arrangements and picture delivery will be provided
Voting on Club Constitution and By-Laws
Kim Deneys has circulated to all members the proposed Club Constitution and By-Laws, which have been recommended for adoption by the Board.
Members will be asked to vote on adopting these recommendations at our meeting on Sept 15th.
Chirnside Cluster Clubs Combined Meeting on Wed, Sept 9
The 5 Rotary Clubs in the Chirnside Cluster will be having a combined Zoom meeting with DG Philip Archer on Wed, Sept 9, starting at 6.30 pm.
The meeting host will be Wyndham Rotary, and the Zoom link to the meeting will be emailed to everyone beforehand.
Our normal Zoom meeting for Tues Sept 8 is cancelled and will be replaced by the Cluster Meeting on Wed, Sept 9.  I hope that all of the Werribee members will be able to join in with the other Rotarians for this SUPER Cluster Club Meeting.
Membership Fees Now Due
By now all members should have received the invoice for the 1st Installment Club Dues of $190. Members are asked to pay this as soon as convenient, using the bank deposit details set out on the invoice.
The 2nd Installment invoice will be sent to members early in 2021. The Board will be looking to see if it may be possible to make a reduction in the 2nd installment of $190.
Wishes for the week ahead,
This Week on Zoom
This week on Zoom, our guest speaker was Rhonda Paice, co-owner of Williamstown Travel Agency. Williamstown Travel has been in operation for 25 years, and has been owned by Rhonda for the past 10 years.
Rhonda explained how the travel industry had been through many crisis in the past, but has always rebounded quickly. These include the airline pilot strike, the Global Financial crisis, Ansett Airlines closure, SARS, 911 etc.
The industry has never experienced anything like Covid, and many airlines, travel agencies, travel venues & other travel businesses are unlikely to survive.
Qantas is not expecting to fly overseas prior to April 2021, but is planning on limited domestic flights in November 2020. AAPT is taking holiday bookings for May 2021. It is expected that overseas travel will recover quicker than many people expect. This is because many airlines, cruise ship companies & travel businesses, have issued travel credits for holidays cancelled due to Covid, rather than refunds. Traveler's should view the Smart Traveler website, which shows countries who are accepting travelers.
There will be a lot of 'holiday bargains' with countries and providers trying to attract business, but the savings will likely be offset by expensive airfares. If airlines are forced to fly with social distancing restrictions, then seat prices will rise. The airlines wont fly unless they can make a profit on each flight.
If you are frustrated that you can't travel, Rhonda suggests that you go onto You Tube. In the search area type "City Walks" and a list of over 100 overseas towns appear, which is a walking tour of the town attractions.
Message from RI President Holger Knaack

World RI President Holger Knaack has announced that the continent of Africa, has been declared Polio Free.

This is a great effort by Rotary & the World Health Organisation which has taken longer to achieve than expected.

Unfortunately Pakistan & Afghanistan still have cases, and it is currently unsafe to visit these countries. We are very close to the total eradication of polio from the world.

We can officially share some great news now regarding Polio and here it is.....
The @WHOAFRO region is certified wild polio-free! Now 5 of the 6 WHO regions – representing over 90% of the world’s population – are free of the wild poliovirus.
Learn how @Rotary and others make it happen:
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Two birthday's to celebrate this week.
Roland Wade celebrates his 80th next Monday 31/8.  Congratulations Roland.
Also Ross Conley has a birthday on Thursday 27/8. Happy birthday Ross.
Next Week - 01.09.2020 at 6.45pm
Glen Holland - Werribee Open Range Zoo.
Other Business
Imagination Library
Progress is being made and we are confident of getting the project up & running soon.
Werribee Council have have asked us to provide a washing machine to a local family in need. We had to organise a courier to pick up the washing machine & deliver it last Thursday.
The Interact club is meeting every Friday. Werribee Rotary is going to fund a pull up banner for the club. A survey of students was done which was very positive for Interact & will generate some new members.
Werribee Football Club Charity Auction
One of the major fundraisers of the Werribee Football Club each year is their Charity Auction. Covid has wrecked those plans, but instead the club will be holding the event as an on-line auction.
There are hundred's of items that you can bid for.
Go onto the Werribee Football Club website to view the list of auction items. The auction commences on Friday 28.08.2020 and finishes on Saturday 12.09.2020. The highest bidders on 12.09.2020 'get the chocolates'.
Guest speakers
Everyone knows someone with an interesting story to tell. Pass them onto Ian Hovey so we can follow them up to speak to us on Zoom at a later date.
Rotary Zone 8 Conference
The Zone 8 Conference will be held over the weekend 19-20 September as a Zoom Conference.
There is a huge range of very good speakers, and you need to register.
Footy Tipping
Round 13 – to 24th August 2020
This Week
Total after 13 rounds
Liz Ross $20 – nearest margin
Ross Conley
Ross Conley
Ann Smith
Manly (Peter Ross)
Alena Randall
Ann Smith
Mary Maguire 10    
Eight others tipped 8 8    
    Dictator Dan (with no bonuses)
The Weekly Bonus Winners 
Alena, Liz & Jason $20    
Brian, Ian, Ross, Ross & Graham $10    
Tino $5    
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Sep 01, 2020
Werribee Open Range Zoo
Werribee Open Range Zoo

Glen is the Director of the Werribee Open Range Zoo.

He will speak to us about the challenges facing the zoo during the COVID crisis and the plans for the future.

Sep 09, 2020
Sep 15, 2020
A Man of Many Talents
Sep 22, 2020
Update on the West Gate Tunnel Project
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