Presidents Message:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed the state has too many COVID-19 cases to come out of lockdown this week, but says "modest changes" to restrictions are on the way. These changes will be announced on Wednesday so unfortunately we will have to continue to hold our meetings on zoom. I certainly look forward to the day when we can meet in person at the ISCW.

From The Board

"At our July Board meeting, we considered a request to provide more funding to Tamarind to repair their recently installed new bore. Some of the information we were given about the bore was incorrect and led us to the decision not to provide any further funding for the bore. As Chris Ochaya had established a very good relationship with a few Rotarians and because time was of the essence, a few Rotarians decided that this project was worthy of further funding to ensure the repairs were carried out and to provide Tamarind with a sustainable and reliable water supply.

We sincerely thank those members who funded the works to the bore"

As our guest speaker Elaine Robb had to cancel due to ill health. Ian Hovey again stepped up to the plate and provided us with 2 excellent presentations from Brian Toon (Nucellar Warfare) and Ernie Johnson ( Make Somebody’s Life Better).

I respectfully ask members to keep in touch with members who do not attend our zoom meetings to make sure they are alright. It is also very important to check in on family members as well.

Next week’s guest speaker will be Cat McCarthy, People Development Manager, McCarthy Plumbing Group.

I will close with a thought for the week: Never lose hope, you never know what tomorrow may bring.

Have a great week and above all stay safe.



THIS WEEK AT ROTARY - 31.08.2021
Our guest speaker was ill, and was a late withdrawl.
Ian Hovey came to the rescue again, with two interesting video's.
  1. The first was by a journalist called Ernie Johnson, who spoke about "Being a Better Human"
  2. The second was by Brian Toon called "I have studied Nuclear War for 30 Years" 
Tuesday 6th September on Zoom
Cat McCarthy - Building a strong business through hard work.
District 9800 - Weekly Newsletter
Version three has arrived.
Bunnings BBQ 
The next BBQ is scheduled for Thursday 16th September, which is starting to look very doubtful. Todays Lecture from Dan Without a Plan, suggested that lifting of restrictions for 3-4 weeks is unlikely.
Guest Speakers
Everyone knows someone with an interesting story to tell. Please pass their details on to Brian Ahmed so we can follow them up to speak to us in person or on Zoom at a later date.
Board Meeting
8th September at 7.30pm
There will be no Bingo next week.
As soon as the Dictator lifts the restrictions, then the roster for the next 4 weeks will be.
Roster for bingo (be there by 6.30):
  • Week 1 - Enzo Maddalon & Graham Roper
  • Week 2 - Brian Ahmed & Wendy Roper
  • Week 3 - Jess Saher & Peter Sandlant
  • Week 4 - Michael Redding & Lorry Rowe
Breakfast Club
No breakfast club next week. School will not return until Term 4 - earliest date 27.09.2021
Western Emergency Relief Network (WERN)
The move from Unit 11 to Unit 5 is about 95% complete, and should be completed by the end of next week.
We are pretty busy, and are very short of:
  • Whitegoods - fridges, washing machines, dryers & freezers.
  • Flat screen Televisions
  • Lounge Ciouches, one, two or 3 seater.
Call Ross Smith, is you have something in good condition, as we can pickup.
International Convention
The Rotary International World Convention, will be held in Melbourne in May 2023. It is being organised by a committee formed from the Aust Rotary Districts.
District 9800 Environmental Newsletter
Tip of the week
Drink lots of apple juice before you go to bed. A chemical compound in the juice, will help you have vivid awesome dreams.  Might have to give it a try?


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Sep 07, 2021
Building a Strong Business Through Hard Work, Innovation and Good Networking
Building a Strong Business Through Hard Work, Innovation and Good Networking

Cat and her husband, David, own McCarthy Plumbing Group which is based in Laverton North and Point Cook. 

They have two young children so Cat juggles her time between supporting her family and promoting the business. She refers to herself as a "mum-entrepreneur".

Some of the highlights of the business over the past 8 years includes winning a Wyndham Business Award in 2016 for New and Emerging business, and winning the Trade Business 2019 and 2020 National MyBusiness Awards in Sydney.

Cat is also Secretary of Wyndham Biznet. She first joined as a member a few years ago after completing the council’s Innovate 2 Excelerate program. She enjoys networking with business owners, and Biznet allows this to occur organically over a meal and a glass of wine at a local Wyndham venue on the second Tuesday of the month. 

Sep 14, 2021
Building a Smart City in Wyndham
Sep 21, 2021
Uniting Care
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