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President’s Message

Significant Social Issues in the Wyndham Community

At our previous week’s meeting we heard from Captain Phil Abram and Assistant Tim Kite about some of the challenges facing poor and disadvantaged people in Wyndham, which the Salvation Army are dealing with daily.

This week Revd. Ron Browning and Lah, a Karen youth & family worker in Wyndham, told us about the significant difficulties which many of the Karen community are facing in their new Country.

Werribee Rotary is already providing some support to both the Werribee Salvos and the Karen community, albeit in a limited way at this stage.

I am sure that, as Werribee Club members get to talk more with each group and hear about their particular needs, then the Club will be in a better position to decide how it may be able to provide them with further assistance during the upcoming Rotary year.

Membership Induction Coming up!

Unfortunately the easing of Covid restrictions from 18.06.2021, were not sufficient for ISCW to open for functions or groups. This means we will be back on Zoom again next week, and the induction of Jerestine Saher will have to wait another week. 

Welcome again to Imran Kashem at this week’s meeting. Over the past few days Imran has been very busy relocating his business office to a new location in Watton Street, opposite the Commercial Hotel. Best wishes for what lies ahead Imran!

It was a pleasure to welcome Andi Barnfield on her first visit to our meetings. Andi joined our Zoom meeting from her "Board Room" – and gave a great explanation as to why it had such a special name!

My Final 2 Weeks

After an absolutely unique/unprecedented/global pandemic Rotary year as Club President, I look forward to our next two meetings, after which this rooster becomes a feather duster!!

For June 22nd our Guest Speaker will be Danyel Cucinotta, on The Role of the Victorian Farmers’ Federation in Agriculture. Danyel has recently been selected as the Vice=President of the VFF (a chip off the old block!).

On June 29th Jeff Garfield will be the Guest Speaker, talking on Werribee – Remember When Part 3

Both of these speakers are part of our Werribee Rotary family and I am sure they will have lots of interesting things to talk about.

Partners and friends will be very welcome to join us for these meetings.

Have a great week ahead everyone,


THIS WEEK AT ROTARY - 15.06.2021
This weeks on Zoom, we had a presentation by Reverend Ron Browning from Australian Karen Foundation, and local Werribee Karen, Lah who provides support services to the Werribee Karen community.
Reverend Browning explained the current political situation in Myanmar, where the military over thru the elected government in February this year. The immediate outlook is that a return to democracy is unlikely. Young people are at the forefront holding demonstrations and protests on a regular basis. Many people have been killed, and villages have been destroyed and wiped out. Refugees are camped on the border of Thailand looking to obtain access to that country.
Reverend Browning established the Australian Karen Foundation ( 15 years ago, to assist the Karen people to integrate into Australian life.
Social worker Lah, detailed the problems of the Karen community in Wyndham. Language with the older people is a significant barrier. The younger people suffer the same problems as others in Wyndham, with Gambling, Alcohol & Drugs major issues for Karen Youth.
Tuesday 22nd June 2021
Junior 'Dictator Dan' has eased restrictions, but not enough for ISCW to open for groups or functions. Only the restaurant & gaming area will open. 
So next week we will be back on Zoom again.
Our guest speaker this week, be the daughter of past president Brian Ahmed.
Danyel Cucinotta, was recently appointed Vice President of the Victorian Farmers Federation.
Partners & guests are welcome.
Also bring any warm blankets, coats or warm clothing in good condition, for Rotary to donate to the Werribee Salvation Army.
Recognising Outstanding Service of Rotarians
District 9800 are concerned that Rotarians who provide outstanding community service, are not being recognised.
D9800 are encouraging clubs to nominate club members who provide outstanding service for service awards. See the attached brochure for more information.

Werribee Rotary Changeover

Dictator Dan and his offsider Dictator Dan Junior have struck again, and our Changeover Lunch, scheduled for Sunday 20th June has had to be cancelled.

Tino & Robyn Ballan have agreed to a rescheduled date, and the Changeover will now be held on Sunday 4th July 2021. 

See the attached invitation for details.

View invitation

Remember to:

  1. Advise Graham Roper if you are coming.
  2. Pay the cost of $30 per head, into the Rotary account before the day.
  3. Graham advised that we will be providing a number of options for lunch, and not just 'finger food'
Footy Tipping - Round 13
What an amazing round of football, with upsets galore. If you tipped more than three this week, you were just tipping all the opposites to try and catch up.
The highlight of the round was the Queens Birthday Blockbuster. This was the opportunity for the Demons to cement their spot as Premiership Favorites, but they were outplayed by the mighty Pies, who would surely now be the new Premiership favorites.
The 'the egg man' has capitulated in the last three weeks, giving up a lead of three, to now be one behind.
Ian Hovey got the $10 for closest margin on Thursday night.
Tino Ballan managed 5 out of 9 this week - Sunliner got 4, and Tony Tod & Graham Roper got 3.
The leaderboard after 13 rounds is;
  • Ross Conley 79
  • Brian Ahmed 78
  • Tony Todaro 77
Bunnings BBQ 
We are waiting for Bunnings to allocate us a BBQ hopefully in July.
Guest Speakers
Everyone knows someone with an interesting story to tell. Please pass their details on to Ian Hovey so we can follow them up to speak to us in person or on Zoom at a later date.
WERN are still operating during the Covid Restrictions, but at a reduced capacity.
Negotiations are advanced with Melton Council, to provide us with a new warehouse facility.
2021-2022 Rotary Club Board
Zoom meeting for next years board - Monday 28.06.2021 at 7.30pm
After being in lockdown for the last 2 weeks, we are back next Monday 21 June.
Roster for bingo (be there by 6.30):
  • 21.06.2021 - Colin Muir & Michael Redding
  • 28.06.2021 - Phil Purdy & Tino Ballan
  • 05.07.2021 - Kathryn Williams & Mary Macaulay
  • 12.05.2021 - Enzo Maddalon & Graham Roper
Breakfast Club
Next week will be:
  • Tues 22nd - Adelina Maddalon & Therese Gatto
  • Wed 23rd - Norm & Margaret Johnson
  • Thurs 24th - John & Sue Campbell
Medical Tip
We have all been in a situation where we need to sneeze, but we know it will be embarrassing for us.
When this happens, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and the sneeze will disappear.  


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Jun 22, 2021
The Role of the Victorian Farmer's Federation in Agriculture
The Role of the Victorian Farmer's Federation in Agriculture

Danyel has just been appointed as the vice-president of the Victorian Farmer's Federation.

At 28, Danyel is the federation's youngest ever vice-president.

Ms Cucinotta said she hoped her election would encourage other women and young people working in agriculture to take on leadership positions. "We have different ideas. We see things differently," she said.

Ms Cucinotta is a third-generation farmer who works on her family egg farm at Werribee South.

She said farmers needed to better impart a modern picture of farming to consumers, including advancements in technology and animal welfare.

Jun 29, 2021
Werribee - Remember When - Part 3
Jul 06, 2021
Everything You Need to Know About Living in a Retirement Village
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