Nearly 20 years ago. Where are they now?
Tuesdays at 6:45 PM
Italian Sports Club
601 Heaths Rd
Werribee, VIC 3030
Join us every Tuesday at 6:30PM via Zoom. In person meetings are currently cancelled.
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President’s Message
Brainstorming Discussion Gets Results
There were certainly some interesting and useful ideas that came up during our ‘Brainstorming’ discussion at this week’s meeting, including:
  • Guest Speakers - using Zoom to host some of our Guest Speakers.  Also combining with other Rotary Clubs meeting on Tuesdays to share a Guest Speaker on Zoom
  • Social Activities - having a Sunday Picnic lunch and Family Day at Wyndham Park
  • Vocational Visits – to businesses operated by Rob Fava (Boxes to Go) and Brian Ahmed (Recycling Biomass)
  • Rotary Foundation – having some designated fund-raising activities, such as a Bunnings BBQ
I am confident that bringing in these ideas could contribute to enhancing our Club’s progress during the year ahead.
Bingo Builds Up
Brian Ahmed reported that the number of Bingo players has been increasing over the 4 weeks since Bingo resumed at the Italian Social Club.
This week there were 93 players, a Jackpot of $1000 and a record profit (for 2021) of $1537.
Brian believes this great result may have been helped by the presence of our younger Rotarians on Bingo duty, Anthony Pante and Adrian Burt!
Our Next Meetings
Feb 9 - Bridge Hotel, Watton Street
Feb 16 - ISCW
Feb 23 - ISCW
Mar 2 - ISCW  Werribee Rotary Awards Night
This will be a Partners Night at the ISCW.It will be a BIG CELEBRATORY EVENT!
The Club will be inviting all of our friends and helpers who have supported the Club in so many ways over the past two Rotary years. The Awards Night will provide an opportunity to extend to them the Club’s deep appreciation for all their work in supporting Werribee Rotary over the past two years.
Restarting Our RYPEN Program - Opportunities Available!
The Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) in Rotary District 9800 is a Youth Leadership conference for young people who are between 15 and 17 and are year 9, 10 and 11 students. The conference is a weekend long camp designed at developing young people’s potential through a mixture of lecture style sessions and adventure-based learning.
I am very keen to see one or two floor members take the lead by getting this wonderful RYPEN program back in operation. 
Let me know if you are interested.
Have a great week everyone,
This week at Rotary
Pres Michael presided over his second official meeting for 2000/2021.
We had a very fruitful discussion around six areas;
  1. Potential new guest speakers
  2. Social activities
  3. New members
  4. New kinds of service projects
  5. Vocational visits
  6. Rotary foundation & fundraising.
There were a lot of good suggestions for the club to take on board.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Tony Todaro celebrated his birthday on Tuesday 2nd February. Happy birthday Tony.
Kara Vaina has a birthday coming up next Tuesday 9th Feb.
Tom Lentini has a big one coming up on Wednesday 10/2/2021 - 80 years. Happy birthday Tom. 
Next Week
Next week 09.02.2021 will be at the Bridge Hotel, Watton Street Werribee.
Brian Ahmed is doing a presentation on 'his life in Werribee'
Werribee Rotary Golf Day

Golf day - 8.00am Friday 26th March.

The Golf Day is now only 7 weeks away, and we need help from members of the club. We all need to get behind the day, as it is not going to just happen on its own.

Covid will impact us as many businesses have cut back support for charities.

Do you know someone who plays golf. Ask them to play & see if they can get a group of four together.

Do you know someone who can sponsor us? Speak to them, or pass the details onto Ian Hovey to follow up.

Do you know someone who can help us on the day? We need another 5-6 volunteers desperately.

See Ian Hovey if you need registration forms.


Western Emergency Relief Network (WERN)
WERN is back and running in its new temporary building in Ravenhall.
We are in always looking for volunteers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. See Ross or Robert if you can help.
Some WERN statistics follow;
Other Business
Ian Knight
Not a lot of good news with PDG Ian Knight. He is in a lot of pain.
He cant walk at present, but has installed a staircase lift so he can get upstairs.
He is currently waiting for a bed at a rehabilitation facility in Ivanhoe, where they will do their tricks to see if they can improve the movement in the lower half of his body.
Good luck Ian - we are all thinking of you.
District 9800 Environmental Sustainability Newsletter
Guest Speakers
Everyone knows someone with an interesting story to tell. Pass them onto Ian Hovey so we can follow them up to speak to us in person or on Zoom at a later date.
iture, whitegoods or other household items that are in good condition, speak to Robert Fava or Ross Smith. We are always looking for for more equipment.
South Sudanese Community
We are talking with the group about continuing our engagement with the community.
Yvonne Moon OAM Memorial Concert for Rocan
Many members know of the great work of the late Yvonne Moon. Her husband Fred has organised a 5 hour music concert fundraiser, to raise funds for Rocan.
A lot of Werribee members new Yvonne, and it would be great if we could organise a table of 10.
Sunday 11/4 3.33 to 8.00pm, at Yarraville Club.
$30 entry - finger food and drinks at bar prices.
Speak to Michael if you want to join the Werribee table.
Baptcare Aged Care has a grant to build a sensory garden. Jim Randall asked members to consider assisting with the construction of the garden. Details are to follow.
South Sudanese Community
We have spoken to the leaders, and will be continuing engagement with this group.
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Member Birthdays
Tony Todaro
February 2
Tom Lentini
February 10
Marty Vaina
February 17
Anthony Pante
February 24
Graham Roper
March 7
Rob Fava
March 15
Peter Sandlant
March 21
Kathryn Williams
March 22
Tino Ballan
March 25
Ross Smith
March 28
Lou Dowling
March 30
Spouse Birthdays
Kara Vaina
February 9
Graham Roper
March 7
Rob Fava
March 15
Nuge Ahmed
March 28
Philip Purdy
Barbara Purdy
March 2
Ross Conley
Christine Conley
March 7
Enzo Maddalon
Adelina Maddalon
March 10
Ian Knight OAM
Genny Knight
March 14
Jeff Garfield
Pam Garfield
March 21
Ian Hovey
Micki Hovey
March 23
Peter Sandlant
Karen Sandlant
March 26
Graham Roper
Wendy Roper
March 30
Peter Ross OAM
Elizabeth Ross
March 30
Wendy Roper
Graham Roper
March 30
Join Date
Wendy Roper
February 4, 2003
18 years
Ned Amezdroz
March 1, 1974
47 years
Ross Smith
March 19, 1996
25 years
Mary Macaulay
March 24, 1997
24 years
District 9800
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Werribee Rotary Bingo
Monday 8th February 2021
On Duty - Jim Randall & Kathryn Williams
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Feb 09, 2021
Werribee - Remember When - Part 1
Werribee - Remember When - Part 1

This is the first of a series of presentations from some of our members who have lived in the Werribee area for most or all of their life.

In the first talk, we will hear from Brian Ahmed who will tell us about some of his exploits growing up in Werribee South.

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