South Stone Marker - the navigational marker that locates Werribee - near Hoppers Crossing Station.
Uganda Menstrual Kits
Michael Redding reported that the Menstrual Kits project for Young Women had been on hold for the last year, as schools in Uganda have been closed for the last 20 months. The project provides menstrual kits for young women, who would normally stay home due to the unavailability of menstrual products.
The local Rotary Club in Uganda have advised that schools will recommence in September, and that they will start distributing the menstrual kits. Professional people have been organised to teach the women how the kits work.
Philippines Orphanage
Werribee Rotary have sent $15,000 to the local Rotary Club in the Philippines who are managing the school equipment project at the special school.
Most of the equipment has been ordered and will be ready for the opening of the school year. On completion of the project, we will be reimbursed $5,000 by District 9800 from grant funds.
Lori Rowe & Michael Redding will be visiting the Philippines and will report back to the club on the project.
Micki Hovey & Glenys Deneys and some parents of students are assisting with sewing the bags.
Club Assembly
Nusrat Islam proposed to sponsor 10 women to attend the South Asian Entrepreneurs Summit.
The project document is to be circulated to Board members for further consideration.
Rob Fava spoke on his proposal to create a community award scheme, where local community organisations that meet predetermined criteria, can apply for grant funds. Rob Fava & Ross Smith are to revisit the project, to set up goals & criteria for the scheme, and resubmit to the Board.
Zone 8 Regionalisation Project
On a show of hands, the club unanimously supported a vote of yes, to proceed with the pilot project. The President will vote accordingly for the club.
Womens Mental Health Forum
Has been deferred until term 1 or 2 next year.
Tuesday 13th September
Next weeks guest speaker is the CEO of the Committee for Wyndham, Barbara McLure.
Barbara has held the role of CEO since 2016. The committee advocates for improvements to the City of Wyndham.
Barbara has published E-West an online publication of issues impacting the West, since 2005.
Barbara has held a number of Directorships including the EPA, Manor Court as well as working with Victoria University.
We would like to have a few visitors & partners to the meeting.

Alphabet Racing

Alphabet Racing starts again at Caufield in two weeks time, on 17th September. The good horses are back preparing for the spring carnival, with the Group One Rupert Clarke Stakes and two Group 3 races as well.

For week one there will be nine races. As per the list below, your horses will be every runner whose name starts with the letter next to your name. You might have no horses in some races, and 2 or 3 in another race. You will be allocated 3, 2 or 1 points if your horse finishes in the placings.

For week two on 24 September, your horses will every horse starting with the next letter. So if you had horse S in week one, you will have T in week two, U in week 3 etc. You will have every letter over the 26 weeks of the competition.

Good luck everyone.

Week One horses are.

Alena Randall              RANDALLS CANDLES             C

Ann Smith                    DEMON ANN                           D

Anne Randall               ANNE OF GREEN GRASSES   T

Barb Purdy                   BARBIE Q                               L

Brian Ahmed                THE EGG MAN                        A

Colin Muir                     MAD DOG MUIR                     W

Elizabeth Ross             DIZZIE LIZZY                         R

Graham Roper             GRAHAM THE GROPER          O

Jeff Garfield                GARFIELD THE CAT               Q

Jerestene Saher         JUST JESS                              B

Jim Randall                 JUMBO JIMBO                        G

Kathryn Williams        KATHRYN THE GREAT            J

Kim Deneys                 BEND DE KNEES                     M

Lou Dowling                HOWLING DOWLING               P

Margaret Wade           LADY WADE                             U

Micki Hovey                STICKY MICKI                         N

Nusrat Islam               WHO DAT NUSRAT                  H

Peter Ross                  TWO METRE PETER                 Y

Peter Sandlant           MR SANDLANT                         X

Phil Purdy                   FILTHY PHIL                            E

Robert Fava               LIGHT FINGERS FAVA              I

Robyn Ballan             ROCKIN ROBYN                        S

Ross Conley              KILLER CONLEY                        V

Ross Smith                TOSSER ROSS                           Z

Tino Ballan                RUDOLPH BALLANTINO           K

Wendy Roper             WENDY WINX                            F



WERN provides recycled/second hand furniture to people in need. It operates from a factory in Ravenhall, and is open three days a week for people to visit the warehouse and select goods that they need.
Demand for WERN products continues to increase, and we are reaching a point where we do not have enough stock. The WERN Board is considering how we can get more stock, and they are considering a suggestion for the three Rotary Clubs - Werribee, Hoppers Crossing & Wyndham to provide volunteers, to do goods pickups on a Monday.
Collections will be organised by WERN staff, so on a Monday two volunteers arrive at WERN in Ravenhall, pick up the truck, then pick up stock from the Western Suburbs, and bring it back to WERN. The truck would be unloaded and left in the warehouse. The truck only needs an ordinary drivers license. Hours are roughly 9.00 till 3.00.
If the three clubs can provide 8 volunteers, each person would only need to work 1 day a month. People could work weekly, or fortnightly as well.  Ross Conley has indicated an interest. Speak to Rob Fava or Ross Smith if you can help.
Click to View WERN Collection Brochure


Covid Protocols from the Coronavirus Website

Influenza & Covid are both contagious respiratory illnesses. They both have similar symptoms, and you cannot tell the difference between the two by looking at the symptoms alone.

For the safety of all Rotary members, if you or a family member are sick or unwell, or have been in contact with somebody who has Covid, please follow extreme caution, and stay away from Rotary until your illness passes, or you have met Covid isolation protocols.

Covid is incredibly contagious, so lets err on the side of caution.


Guest Speakers

Everyone knows someone with an interesting story to tell. Please pass their details on to Brian Ahmed so we can follow them up to speak to us in person or on Zoom at a later date.



Tues 13/9 - Michael Redding & Kathryn Williams

Wednesday 14/9 - Graham Roper & Nusrat Islam

Thursday 15/9 - Peter & Liz Ross

Breakfast club finishes next week for term 3. Liz Ross is about to make up the term 3 roster. There have been a couple of volunteers drop out, and some other volunteers want to change their rostered days. Email Liz on if you can volunteer or if you want changes to the days you volunteer.


Bunnings BBQ

Our next BBQ is Thurs 22/9. Let Andi Barnfield know if you can help.


The Bingo Roster is:

Sept 12 - Robyn Ballan & Wendy Roper

Sept 19 - Kim Deneys & Rob Fava


Last week 5th September  99 players and a profit of $1,400.


International Convention

The Rotary International World Convention, will be held in Melbourne in May 2023. It is being organised by a committee formed from the Aust Rotary Districts.


Click this link to view the flyer.


The committee is also asking for interested Rotarians to register for the opportunity to home host several overseas guests for dinner during the convention. There is also an option for Rotary clubs to host a larger group of guests.

Click here to view the home hosting flyer.


Imagine Rotary Newsletter
The District Newsletter has arrived.
Clink the link below to view.
Books & Puzzles
We have a few pallets of books and puzzles. If you are looking for books  puzzles speak to Brian Ahmed - they are only $1 each.
District 9800 Environment & Sustainability Newsletter


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