The grave of Patrick Logan Edgar next to 18th tee at Werribee Gold Course. He died in 1858.

 A week is a long time in Rotary.

 Since our last meeting, sadly, Colin Muir has decided to step down as       President. I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank Colin for his service to Rotary over many years and for making the commitment to lead the club for a second time, albeit only for a couple of months. I wish him well as he continues to battle his health challenges.

When the Board met to discuss a replacement for Colin, it was clear that prior meetings had taken place without me, and there was only one candidate for the position.

The encouraging thing is that I know I have the support of the Board (Ross, Kim, Graham and Peter) and, equally, from all of the members.

In the past, we’ve had the enviable reputation of being one of the best and most productive Rotary clubs in the District. We’ve fallen a bit since those days but there’s no reason why we can’t restore our rightful place as a great Rotary club.

But it will require us to question and evaluate our existing ways and to accept the challenge of change.
We should be proud of our history and we should be mindful of the great work done by those who’ve come before us but we must also look forward and do things that reflect the needs of today’s community.

I’m not making any rash promises and I know it won’t happen overnight but I’m sure that we can work together to achieve that goal.

Ian Hovey
PS: Ian spoke about Rotary Club of Jerusalem, and in particular a Peace Project they are involved in children from Israel & Palestine. See the link below for project details.
Great to see 21 people in attendance, including AG Peter Shepheard.
Golf Day.
Next years golf day will be held on Friday 10th March.
Ross Conley has put up his hand to take over the organisation of the day from Ian Hovey. Well done Ross.
Royce Abbey Scholarship
A gentleman from Timor has been awarded a Royce Abbey Scholarship to visit Australia to study agriculture & farming. He will be arriving on 26/9 and will spend 2-3 weeks in Werribee. He will be staying with Peter Sandlant & spending time at Lt Eggs and Werribee South farms.
Guest Speaker Barbara McLure
Barbara has been CEO of the Committee for Wyndham for 6 years.
Committee for Wyndham is an advocacy organisation that works to get a better deal from Governments for Wyndham, and to attract business & investment into the area.
Peter Ross was involved in the commencement of City of Werribee (which later changed to Wyndham) in 1998, serving as Chairman for 4 years, and a board member for 10 years.
The Committee for Wyndham brings together business, community, government and individuals to work together to promote & enhance the social and economic wellbeing of the Wyndham Community.
They do this by:
  • providing a strong voice for business
  • connecting the local community
  • encouraging jobs & procurement
  • advocating for economic and social infrastructure
  • promoting Wyndham
  • advocacy
  • events
  • publications
  • forums with influential people
Ian Hovey is the current holder of the John Nicol Community Award, presented each year by Committee for Wyndham.
Tuesday 20th September
Next week is AFL Grand Final week, so our meeting will feature a football theme.
Visitors & partners are welcome, and dress in your footy gear.
Our guest speaker will be Werribee Football coach Michael Barlow.
Michael played for Werribee in 2008/2009, then Freemantle FC from 2020-2016.
He has been Werribee FC coach for two years.

Alphabet Racing

Alphabet Racing starts again at Caufield & Randwick on Saturday.



Thank you for our members who have volunteered to assist WERN with goods collections on a Monday.
Kim Deneys and his friend Kim Monk, and Ross Conley have volunteered. 
Click to View WERN Collection Brochure


Covid Protocols from the Coronavirus Website

Influenza & Covid are both contagious respiratory illnesses. They both have similar symptoms, and you cannot tell the difference between the two by looking at the symptoms alone.

For the safety of all Rotary members, if you or a family member are sick or unwell, or have been in contact with somebody who has Covid, please follow extreme caution, and stay away from Rotary until your illness passes, or you have met Covid isolation protocols.

Covid is incredibly contagious, so lets err on the side of caution.


Guest Speakers

Everyone knows someone with an interesting story to tell. Please pass their details on to Brian Ahmed so we can follow them up to speak to us in person or on Zoom at a later date.



We are in the school holiday break, so no Breakfast club until Tuesday 04.10.2022

Tuse 4/10 - Michael Redding & Nusrat Islam

Wed 5/10 - Ross Smith & Graham Roper

Thurs 6/10 - Kim & Glenys Deneys

Tues 11/10 - Theresa Gatto & Terry Argent

Wed 12/10 - Ann Smith & Alison Tavener

Thurs 13/10 - Trish & Nils Vejby


Bunnings BBQ

Our next BBQ is Thurs 22/9.

The Prime Minister has declared the day a public holiday, so we are anticipating a big day, similar to a Saturday. Accordingly we are going to roster 4 on each shift, instead of 3.

We still need one person for 9.30 - 11.30, and one person for 11.30 - 1.30.

Let Andi Barnfield know ASAP if you can help.


The Bingo Roster is:

Sept 19 - Kim Deneys & Rob Fava

Last week 11/9 - 106 players and a profit of $2,100.

Thanks to Graham & Robyn.



The Fit4Use store was unable to open on Tuesday as 2-3 staff were off sick. Due to OH&S staff cannot operate the store on their own, so we had to close.

Speak to Graham Roper if you can volunteer or be on standby for when people are unavailable.


International Convention

The Rotary International World Convention, will be held in Melbourne in May 2023. It is being organised by a committee formed from the Aust Rotary Districts.


Click this link to view the flyer.


The committee is also asking for interested Rotarians to register for the opportunity to home host several overseas guests for dinner during the convention. There is also an option for Rotary clubs to host a larger group of guests.

Click here to view the home hosting flyer.


Imagine Rotary Newsletter
The District Newsletter has arrived.
Clink the link below to view.
Books & Puzzles
We have a few pallets of books and puzzles. If you are looking for books  puzzles speak to Brian Ahmed - they are only $1 each.
District 9800 Environment & Sustainability Newsletter


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