The Rotary Club of Werribee is proud to announce that the chicken and egg business at the Tamarind community farm in Uganda and is now in full production mode. This is the completion of another phase of a joint project between Werribee Rotary and Tamarind, with support from several Australian investors, which has previously seen the establishment of a bore water system, a vegetable garden and a secure compound for the domestic goats.

Tamarind is the brain-child of Chris Ochaya, a local resident who was awarded a Royce and Jean Abbey Scholarship to travel to Australia in 2017 where he was hosted by our club. During his 3-month stay, Chris visited many agricultural businesses to learn about modern practices. With his new-found knowledge, he returned to Uganda and commenced the long road to set up a self-sustainable economy for his community. He wanted to deliver a "hand-up" rather than a "hand-out" solution.

There were a few challenges along the road before the chickens started laying. Chris had to design and construct a building that would be free from predators and vermin. This was a more expensive exercise because the walls had to be made of brick. When the first batch of baby chickens arrived, many of them died from a common disease which could have been prevented if the correct inoculations had been delivered.

Our club is proud of the work that Chris has achieved and is keen to support him on future projects.

Click here to see more images of the chickens.

Click here to see a short video of the good work we are doing in Uganda.