Rotary Safe Families
Nov 19, 2019
Dorothy Gilmour
Rotary Safe Families

Dorothy Gilmour has been a Rotarian for 3 years with Rotary Melbourne.  As an Educator in Social Sciences and Therapist in Trauma, Loss and Grief in our community for many years,  Dorothy has the greatest of empathy and understanding for the plight of people experiencing abuse and suffering.

As a member of Rotary Melbourne, Dorothy has been awarded the Royce Abbey Award and a Paul Harris for her enthusiasm and commitment to Rotary which she has now applied to create the Rotary Safe Families initiative.  Her aim is to provide all Rotarians and communities with the ability to be able to identify and prevent abuse in families including our elderly and then be proactive in locating support for the victim.

The Rotary Safe Families program has been officially adopted as a Rotary 100 Years Celebration 2021 initiative available to all Rotary Clubs in Australia as a continuing drive to stamp out family violence and elder abuse.  By championing the Safe Families initiative in your Club and becoming informed via the workshops,  we can all be “part of the solution” by having the “tools” to act, support and hopefully prevent  family violence and elder abuse.