Playing Your Part Inc
Jun 12, 2018
Matt Maudlin
Playing Your Part Inc
Matt is well known in the city of Boroondara for the work he has done in housing homeless folks over the past 20 years while he was the CEO of Servants Community Housing Inc, a charitable organization that provided safe housing to 89 folks at risk of homelessness in the suburbs of Kew, Hawthorn and Canterbury. 
He left Servants to strike out on some new adventures. One of these has seen him create a new housing concept for people living in rooming houses. Many of them find themselves in houses through a series of unfortunate events. Such people are able to live independently within the community .... with a little bit of community support.
The legal name of his new group is Playing Our Part Inc and underneath this he will operate The Purple Cloak projects. This housing venture is completely dependent upon the community getting behind it; he is NOT seeking any levels of Government support. His belief is that an issue as hideous as homelessness will only end when we as a community stand up and say 'enough!' His experience of 20 years in the homelessness sector tells him that Government is not the answer to the problem - community is.
Matt will speak to Clubs about his experiences in dealing with the issue of homelessness alongside informing people just how they might be able to work alongside him in seeing The Purple Cloak projects come to life.