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Salvation Army

Lindsay Cox has been a member of the Salvation Army since the age of 15. He attends Moreland City Salvation Army Corps and plays the cornet. He has been employed by Salvation Army as Museum Curator and Archivist for the past 22 years.

He previously worked as Technical Officer for PMG/Telecom for 37 years and served in the Army Reserve for 6 years.

Lindsay is married with 3 sons. He lives in Pascoe Vale South.

His hobbies include  traditional jazz, cartooning and writing about history.

Jul 24, 2018

Vision for District 9800

Bronwyn was inducted as District Governor in June 2018. One of her major tasks during the first half of her 12-month tenure is to visit all 70+ clubs in the District. She will visit our club on Tuesday 31st July.

Bronwyn joined the Rotary Club of Melbourne South in 2008.  Within 2 years, she was Club President.

Since then, she has served the club in various capacities including Bulletin Editor, Secretary and Treasurer.

Her involvement at District level includes Assistant Governor Stonnington Cluster 2013-2016 and Community Services District Chair 2016-2017. She has also lead a Vocational Training Tour of four teachers to Cambodia in January 2016, where they provided two 4-day workshops for 160 Cambodian teachers.  

Her husband Mark is a member of the Melbourne South club as were her parents.  

She will speak about her vision for the future of Rotary and our District.

Jul 31, 2018

Life Choices

Brenton Alford is a 39 year old who holds a Bachelors of Recreation. He used to work at the Collingwood Football Club, and was planning to move to South Australia for a better job. One week before Brent was leaving for South Australia he decided to have a few drinks with his friends. He woke up seven and a half weeks later in hospital.

Brent had no recollection of falling from the second floor balcony at the back of the night club he was at. Once he came of the coma he discovered he had severe head injuries and 17 broken bones. The doctors told him that he would almost certainly spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair and would never regain the use of his left arm and he would only have minimal use of his left leg.

But to the amazement of his doctors and rehab providers Brent is now capable of moving his arms and is out of the wheelchair. Brenton walks 15,000 steps a day and can move all his fingers. Brenton now owns his own business as a speaker and focuses his talks on Life Choices and his weakness, binge drinking or alcohol.

Brent volunteers for the Portsea Camp at four camps a year and also talks at the September teen camp.

Aug 07, 2018
Aug 18, 2018
6:30 PM – 11:00 PM